APPLICATION ONLY TRANSACTIONS - single transactions may be approved up to $75,000 with only a one page short form application. For well established businesses multiple transactions can be done together in increments of $75,000 or less.

SOFTWARE ONLY TRANSACTIONS - for well established businesses transactions up to $75,000 of software can also be approved with a one page short form application. Larger transactions for software can be considered, but will require a complete financial package.

STEP PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS - step-up or step-down leases are structure variations. Step-up leases begin with lower than normally amortized monthly lease payments which increase or 'step-up' over the term of the lease. The steps can be created at any point during the term but are most commonly done semi-annually or annually. Step-down leases are structured in the same way but begin with higher then normally amortized monthly lease payments and decrease over the term of the lease.

SKIP PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS - typically these transactions simply skip one monthly lease payment during the year. This means that only eleven lease payments are made per year. In some cases this does not effect the overall term of the lease, but does effect the amount of the lease payment. In other cases, the term is extended one month for every skipped lease payment. This generally has little effect upon the amount of payment.

90 DAY CONTACT PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS - in some instances, the acquisition of new equipment will not positively impact a company's cash flow until the equipment has been in place for a period of time. This product allows the lessee to make token or contact payments for the initial three months of a lease thereby creating a cash flow cushion.

SEASONAL or CYCLICAL TRANSACTIONS - in some cases businesses experience predictable variations in their revenue stream or their cash flow. These variations may result from seasonality or simply market conditions. This product is specifically designed to match the lease payments to the lessee's ability to pay. It allows lease payments to be lowered during those periods when cash flow is reduced.