STEP 1 - The Lessee selects the equipment and vendor.

STEP 2 - The Lessee submits an application, either by fax or online. This application should be complete, accurate and legible.

STEP 3 - Lanier Funding conducts a credit investigation and evaluation. We will consider the Lessee's business credit history; the principals credit history, the industry, the equipment requested, the vendor and the payment terms.

STEP 4 - Once the transaction is 'approved' Lanier Funding will convey that approval including all major terms and conditions to the Lessee and the Vendor.

STEP 5 - The equipment vendor or supplier is contacted, advised of the approval and asked to issue an invoice or equipment order form detailing the exact equipment configuration and the exact cost. Once Lanier Funding receives this information we will generate the lease documents and send them to the Lessee for execution.

NOTE: Some leasing companies may ask a Lessee to execute a set of documents before the transaction is actually approved. This is usually an attempt to 'lock up' the deal and eliminate competition. It is also a tactic that is frequently used to obtain money from the Lessee that is almost never returned. We do not send lease documents without an approval.

STEP 6- When Lanier Funding receives the properly executed lease documents and a check for the advance rentals and/or security deposits, we will issue a Purchase Order to the equipment vendor or supplier.

STEP 7 - Upon equipment delivery and installation the Lessee will be contacted and asked to verbally verify their acceptance of the equipment, confirm their understanding of the lease terms and authorize payment to the vendor. Provided all terms and conditions of the approval are met the Vendor will receive a check via overnight delivery.