We are independent finance brokers.  Unlike a single source lender, we treat each and every customer as a unique entity with unique needs.  We are not employed by or obligated to any single lender. We strive to find the very best fit for your needs.

One lender may be great titled vehicles but not so good at financing soft collateral such as carts or software.  Another lender may be great at new equipment but not as interested in older used equipment such as forklifts or backhoes. Some lenders will finance the equipment but not the freight, taxes, or installation such as pallet racks. We can do all of these on a regular basis.

We opened our doors in 1993.  Prior to starting the company, I worked in the finance department of a NYSE firm as well as several companies that used leasing and financing as a sales tool to help sell their products You might say I’m bi-lingual in that I speak both “credit” and “sales”.

Although we have financed commercial loans up to two million and municipal loans up to seven million, our sweet spots are loans under $250,000.  These loans are offered on an “application only” basis that don’t require tax returns or financial statements. Client needs only to complete the application to apply for credit.  No tax returns or financial statements needed.


Early on we realized we couldn’t be everything to everybody.  So, we focus on a few industries and equipment types. We like solid waste, material handling, and small to medium sized earth moving equipment.  We especially like used equipment of all types and have no age restrictions.

Our knowledge of your industry and equipment allows us to familiarize the credit decision makers as to why you need the equipment and how it will be used, thereby obtaining the most favorable decisions possible.  There is a saying in the banking business that, “credit decision makers are down on what they’re not up on”.  Our goal is to bring them up on your request. 

Although we may be listed as a financial services company, but, as I wrote in the 1993 business plan, we are really a service company.  It’s still true today.  Because we believe in long term relationships, the vast majority of our business comes from repeat customers or vendor referrals. We are proud to say we have completed over 140 contracts with one client dating back to 2004 totaling several millions of dollars and have never asked for a tax return.  I hope that says something about us.


While many companies in our industry offer merchant cash advances, factoring, real estate or SBA loans, lines of credit or other financial products we only do equipment leases and loans.  If you need those other products, we’ll be happy to refer you to some excellent sources.


[tooltips keyword=”application fee” content=”A loan application fee is an up-front, usually nonrefundable charge for submitting a loan application. Some critics argue that application fees are unnecessary "garbage fees" that line the pockets of lenders and increase closing costs.”]

We do not charge an application fee.

We do not issue pre-approved or contingent approvals.

We do NOT utilize interim rent as an additional profit center.

We do NOT misrepresent how advance monies will be applied.

Unlike banks and other lenders, we do NOT require a blanket lien on your company's assets.  The equipment or titled vehicle being financed is our sole collateral.

We do not employ continuing guarantees.

If we execute a lease for you there is never an evergreen clause.

We do not use “hard pull” credit inquiries.
We don’t file your business lease or loan with the credit bureaus.

Unlike most banks, we do not employ set off provisions in our agreements.